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Bienvenue à Zot’ will help the family with the discovery of their future life environment and advise them with making the best choices.

Looking for a definitive housing

Bienvenue à Zot | La recherche d'un logement définitif à La Réunion 974

From identifying the family wishes (thanks to the questionnaire) to the signature of the lease contract and the set-up of all connections (water, electricity, telephone, internet). Bienvevue à Zot’ will be helping the family.

Looking for a temporary housing

Bienvenue à Zot | La recherche d'un logement temporaireà La Réunion 974

Going through a temporary furnished housing might be necessary while waiting for the container arrival and the move. Bienvenue à Zot’ will assist the family with looking for housing.

Assistance with departure

Bienvenue à Zot' will take over different tasks: termination of lease and contracts (internet, insurances, satellites, etc.), inventory.

Bienvenue à Zot' will coordinate the departure inventory, terminate the housing contracts (water, electricity, etc.), take care of the deposit reimbursement and the transfer of the mail.

Other services
  • Assistance with getting accustomed with the administration and legal procedures, etc.
  • Assistance with settlement: painter, electrician, plumber, etc.
  • Assistance with car rental or purchase
  • Assistance with looking for a home to buy
  • Domestic helpers, gardener, childcare, etc.

It might be necessary to start with a temporary furnished housing while waiting for the container’s arrival and the move.
Bienvenue à Zot' will assist the family with this search.

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And for you … who already lives on the island…

You don’t have time for the purchase or the rent of your future housing, purchase of your next vehicle, Bienvenue à Zot' is here to support you.